GeoPac® Dewatering Tubes and Bags

Dewatering Tubes and Bags

The GeoPac® is a geotextile tube used for dewatering and volume reduction of various types of sludge material. The GeoPac® uses internal pressure to dewater instead of relying solely on gravity. This allows you to dewater large volumes of sludge more efficiently than typical dewatering boxes, saving you time and money. We offer various sizes from small dirt bags or sludge bags to larger ones ideal for tank cleanouts and wastewater treatment facilities.

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  • Applications:
    • Agricultural waste dredging

    • Industrial pond dredging

    • Marine/Beach restoration

    • Municipal sewerage plants

  • Features:
    • Multiple fill ports

    • Built for all volume applications

    • Dimensionally stable fabric to minimize blinding

    • High tenacity thread for seam strength

  • Advantages:
    • Eliminate box rentals

    • Stackable for space utilization

    • More efficient than typical dewatering boxes

    • Volume & weight reduction of sludge lowers disposal costs

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What size dewatering tubes do you offer?

PacTec offers several sizes and variations of geotextile dewatering bags and tubes, from small 5’ sludge bags up to 60’x200’ multi-spout tubes (and everything in between). We also offer a tube designed to fit perfectly in a roll off container for ease of use.

What micron rating do these tubes have?

PacTec offers dewatering tubes in several materials with varying micron ratings to meet your needs. These range from 50 micron to 260 micron. If you are unsure which option is best, contact a member of our team and we will gladly assist you.

Do these dewatering bags only have one fill port?

PacTec’s smaller geotextile dewatering tubes typically only have one fill spout and larger sizes have multiple spouts. However, if you have certain specifications or requests, PacTec can certainly accommodate those for you. Just reach out to one of our team members for assistance

Does PacTec handle the pumping?

No, PacTec only provides the dewatering product and does not offer pumping service. However, we do have experts on staff with many years of experience to offer recommendations and answer any questions you may have during the process.

Are the seams strong enough to handle the pumping pressure?

You bet! PacTec only uses high-tenacity threads to construct our dewatering products, designed specifically to withstand the pumping pressure you will be using. Our team of experts can provide recommended pressure setting for your project to ensure success.

Do dewatering tubes blind off?

Depending on the material being pumped into the dewatering tubes, blinding can occur. If this happens on your project, we recommend moving the hose occasionally to open areas within the tube. We can provide more detailed information on request.

How much space do I need to dedicate to using these bags?

PacTec has a dewatering solution to meet your needs and space constraints. For large open areas, larger tubes may be an ideal product for you. For those with limited space or access, smaller dewatering bags or roll off containers may be more ideal. We can help you decide the best methods and products based on your dewatering volume and project space. Reach out to our team for assistance if needed and we will be happy to help.

Are dewatering tubes better than using dewatering boxes?

Dewatering boxes are typically expensive to rent and difficult to obtain but are often a very effective method of dewatering. However, dewatering tubes may be a better option if you have a large volume to dewater or need to dewater faster, as tubes utilize gravity AND pressure to dewater faster than filters. Here is a helpful guide for determining if tubes are the right option for you.

Can I stack dewatering tubes?

Geotextile tubes can indeed be stacked if space allows. Many of our customers have had great success with this.

What do I do with the water that is forced out?

How you deal with the water extruded from your dewatering process is determined by several factors, including how clean it is, if it contains contaminants, if the site has certain requirements, etc. Some users capture the water to be utilized in other processes or send it through filtration processes to make it potable. Others allow it back into the environment.

How do I dispose of the solids once I complete the dewatering?

This is where the true benefits of geotextile dewatering shine, as the solids are already contained within a tube/bag for easy disposal. Plus, the disposal will cost less as it weighs less. Small tubes can be disposed of as is, where larger tubes are often cut open and the solids excavated out because of their weight and solids volume.

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