GeoPac® Dewatering Tubes and Bags

Dewatering Tubes and Bags

The GeoPac® is a geotextile tube used for dewatering and volume reduction of various types of sludge material. The GeoPac® uses internal pressure to dewater instead of relying solely on gravity. This allows you to dewater large volumes of sludge more efficiently than typical dewatering boxes, saving you time and money. We offer various sizes from small dirt bags or sludge bags to larger ones ideal for tank cleanouts and wastewater treatment facilities.

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  • Applications:
    • Agricultural waste dredging

    • Industrial pond dredging

    • Marine/Beach restoration

    • Municipal sewerage plants

  • Features:
    • Multiple fill ports

    • Built for all volume applications

    • Dimensionally stable fabric to minimize blinding

    • High tenacity thread for seam strength

  • Advantages:
    • Eliminate box rentals

    • Stackable for space utilization

    • More efficient than typical dewatering boxes

    • Volume & weight reduction of sludge lowers disposal costs

  • Case Studies:

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