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Knowing you need to meet EPA and OSHA regulations is one thing. Understanding how to meet them optimally is another. PacTec products are designed to provide compliance, efficiency, and cost savings on the job.

Since day one, we have made it our mission to manufacture high-quality products and engineer solutions where none exist. PacTec recognizes the variety of ways spills and leaks occur on job sites and understands the challenges of collecting, storing, and disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials.

Industries That Use PacTec Products:

PacTec is continually innovating and developing a broad line of products designed to meet the needs of many industries, including:

  • Mining locations
  • Environmental field services operations
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Outdoor energy production plants
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Agricultural operations
  • Marine settings
  • Municipal utility facilities
  • Railroad yards
  • Nuclear power plants and decommissioning sites

We are proud to offer over a dozen product lines aimed specifically at helping you meet government regulations and streamline your processes. However, if you have a specialized need that isn’t addressed here, we welcome you to contact us and challenge us to custom engineer a solution for you. After all, it’s what we do best.

Save Time and Money with PacTec Solutions

PacTec’s packaging product line is described with terms like leakproof, form-fitting, heavy-duty, flexible, adaptable, affordable, and customizable. You get high-quality, dependable products all in one place, simplifying the search for the ideal industrial waste management solutions.

We can help you match the right product to the type of waste you need to collect, store, and/or transport. We can help you prepare for a wide variety of waste types- including fuel, oil, soil, sand, gravel, construction debris, contaminated wash water, dust, metal shavings, potential flying debris during transport, radioactive waste, nuclear waste, transformers, and more.

Don’t wait! Talk to one of our PacTec sales representatives about your jobsite or in-facility needs. We have a solution waiting for you!

PacTec's Spill Containment Products

Our PacTec containment berms are made of high-quality chemical, UV, and acid-resistant materials, like high-density polyethylene or polymeric fabric. Many of the berms can be set up by one person, delivering cost savings and efficiency to your projects. Take your pick from:

PacTec's Dewatering Filtration Products

Separating solids and liquids is simple with PacTec’s dewatering solutions. Your filtering needs are met with efficiently, lowering the cost of an ordinarily difficult and time-consuming filtering process. Select the dewatering solution that fits your needs today:

PacTec's Flexible Waste Packaging Products

Flexible waste packaging is adaptable to different waste materials, as far-ranging as soil to transformers, and different packaging needs from outdoor storage to railcars. Flexible waste packaging is our specialty, so we offer a wide assortment of options, including:

PacTec's Waste Containment and Dust Control Products

Heavy-duty landfill covers and tarpaulins are built for endurance. Available in a variety of sizes and produced in solid or mesh, you will find these products can serve many purposes- from covering soil, containers, or equipment to loads on trucks and trailers. We carry products such as:

PacTec's Nuclear Waste Packaging Products

This category of products is designed to handle the unique requirements of containing and disposing of low-level mixed waste, contaminated soils, metal waste, construction debris, radioactive lead solids, and more in flexible packaging that meets EPA, OSHA, and DOT requirements. PacTec also offers loading and lifting frames to help pack your PacTec bags. Our nuclear waste packaging solutions include: