BermPac® Pop-Up Spill Containment Berms

Pop-Up Spill Containment Berms

The Pop-Up berm is engineered as a single unit, where the interior folding brackets are permanently attached so they cannot be lost or stolen. The sidewalls are easily raised and lowered as an alternative to bracketed solutions, allowing for easy drive-on/drive off.

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  • Applications:
    • Frac Tanks

    • Industrial Rental Equipment

    • Light Towers

    • Generators

    • Tanker Trucks

    • Decon Wash Pads

  • Features:
    • Made from UV, chemical and acid resistant materials

    • Brackets are integrated into berm

    • Brackets are fully encased in material for longevity

    • Several complimentary accessories are available

  • Advantages:
    • Incredible time saver

    • Exceptional durability, especially after multiple uses

    • Easy to set up, maintain and dismantle

    • Single piece construction

  • Accessories Available:
    • View all accessories

    • Ground covers

    • Rubber track guard/matting

    • High visibility hose bridges

    • Berm carry bags

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What sizes are available for pop-up spill berms?

PacTec keeps an inventory of the most common industry sizes, from 6’x6’ up to frac tank sizes of 12’x50’ and everything in between. We will also custom manufacture any dimensions you would need to accommodate space constraints of site-specific needs. You can click here to submit a quote request.

What materials are pop-up spill berms constructed with?

PacTec’s Pop-Up Spill Containment berms (and all other berms) are made from your choice of UV, chemical and acid resistant materials. We keep inventory of the most requested sizes and types for your convenience. These include berms manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl and our proprietary PVC blend.

With integrated brackets, are the berms extremely heavy?

The integrated pop-up containment berm brackets are made from lightweight yet durable aluminum, so they do not add a great deal of weight to the unit. They weigh the same as a regular berm plus its support brackets. Most sizes can be managed by one person, but the larger sizes may need additional assistance to lift.

Can pop-up spill berms be used more than once?

With the proper care and use of protective accessories your spill containment berms can last for many uses. Taking care to protect the bottom from ground abrasion or puncture, cleaning any spills, and properly storing while not in use are easy ways to ensure you get plenty of use from your containments.

What accessories are available for this berm?

PacTec offers a full line of protective accessories – hose bridges, felt underlayment, rubber track matting and more – to maximize the useful life of your spill containment berms. See all berm accessories here.

How does this compare to competitor berm designs?

PacTec’s pop-up spill containment berm is unique in that the brackets are integrated within the containment, eliminating trip hazards outside the unit. Plus, they are permanently attached making the containment unit a single piece design with no potential for lost or missing components.

If the brackets become damaged, are they replaceable?

The design of this bracket usually prevents it from becoming damaged, but we understand that things happen. We can supply replacement brackets, but users will need to have the proper equipment to heat weld the new piece into place. We can assist or train you how to do this easily.

Are pop-up spill berms available to rent?

PacTec does not rent spill containment units, we only sell them. However, many equipment rental companies and their branches stock PacTec berms for rental with their equipment, and will typically rent spill containment units to you. For branches near you that may have some in stock, contact your PacTec sales representative.

How do the sidewalls stay upright? How does this berm work?

To best illustrate how easy PacTec’s pop-up spill berm is to install and use, you can watch this short video. To set up the berm, unpack the groundcover (optional) and berm from its packaging and position it in the desired location. Unfold it to its final size, then simply press the interior brackets into their “locked” position. The hook and loop tabs will keep them in place.

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