LiftPac® Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bags

Heavy-Duty Self-Standing UN Rated FIBC

PacTec’s LiftPac® self-standing bulk bags are a practical, affordable option for reducing container costs. These specially designed bulk sacks can meet the needs for the disposal of lab waste, contaminated PPE, contaminated soil, and household hazardous waste, to name a few. They’re tested to meet UN Safety Standards and provide a sturdy storage and transport option for solid waste materials that are characterized by high-density weights.

Place the bulk bags at workstations and they can also serve as reusable storage receptacles for non-contaminated items. The flexible containers provide numerous advantages over other traditional, yet, bulky containers- like metal drums, paper bags, or rigid IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). Our heavy-duty, self-standing FIBCs provide a storage capacity equal to four 55-gallon drums.


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  • Applications:
    • Household Hazardous Waste

    • Lab Packing

    • Contaminated PPE

    • Asbestos and other dusts

    • Wastewater treatment sludges

    • Contaminated soil (wet or dry)

  • Feautures:
    • UN-Rated “X” for Packaging Groups I, II, and III

    • Cardboard sidewall supports hold bag open for easy filling

    • Easy-to-use zipper closure

    • UV Coated, weather resistant outer layer

  • Advantages:
    • Self-contained multi-layer unit

    • Superior to stapling boxes to pallets

    • Lightweight and compact at 3’x3’x3’

    • Lowers disposal costs as compared to 55-gallon drums

    • Collapsible for easy storage

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Product Highlights and Benefits

With the integrated sidewall supports, you can fill the bag to the top with confidence. The rigid corrugated fiberboard maintains the container’s shape as it is loaded, and the sift-proof liner provides ultimate leak protection.

  • Bulk bag packaging is easier and more efficient to transport than 55-gallon drums.
  • UN-approved bulk bags are simple to assemble and fill, which saves labor costs.
  • Ideal for a variety of projects, including construction sites, warehouses, agricultural operations, manufacturing floors, and recycling centers.
  • Bulk bags fold flat until ready for use, saving storage space.
  • Excellent package-to-product-weight ratio.
  • Improved workplace safety because bags are lifted by loops via forklift or other equipment, so workers do not strain their backs and joints by repetitively lifting heavy bags.


What sizes are available in the Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag?

PacTec’s Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag comes in an easy-to-handle cubic yard size (1yd3). While compact, it is rated to hold the equivalent of (4) 55-gallon drums or up to 3,000 lbs.

What weight capacity can Self-Standing Bulk Bags hold?

PacTec’s Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bag has a safe working load of 1383 kg or (3,048 lbs.)

Are Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bags leak proof?

This bag has an integrated 6-mil polyethylene liner to provide ultimate leak prevention. However, while it can safely contain your waste to a certain moisture content, it is not designed to hold liquids.

Are UN Rated Bulk Bags suitable for asbestos waste?

Many customers have safely utilized PacTec’s Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag for the safe transport and disposal of asbestos waste. While 49 CFR and 29 CFR federal and state regulations vary, the cumulative mil thickness of the various layers, plus the integrated PE liner and redundant zipper closure make this an ideal solution. They are easy-to-use, affordable, and likely meet regulations in your area. To speak to an expert about your concerns, give us a call or reach out to a member of our team.

How do bulk bags compare to 55-gallon drums?

While 55-gallon drums are suitable for many waste types, they are often cumbersome and expensive to handle, transport, and recycle. Hundreds of users of PacTec’s Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bag have reported their preference in using bags to drums for many reasons, including their lower price point, fact that 36 bags come per pallet (as opposed to 4 drums) and they are easier to stage, utilize and store with their onsite equipment.

What is the UN rating on these bags?

PacTec’s Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bags currently have a UN Rating “X” for Packaging Groups I, II and III, making them an ideal waste container for household hazardous waste, lab packing, contaminated PPE, asbestos waste, and much more.

How many bulk bags come on a pallet?

Currently PacTec’s Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bag comes 36 per double stacked pallet for your convenience and logistics cost efficiency.

What makes these bulk bags self-standing?

One of the best features of our self-standing UN-rated bag are the integrated fiberboard sidewalls, allowing for easy loading. The triple-wall fiberboard is protected from the elements by a sleeve of polymeric material making it suitable to use outdoors with the proper precautions against the elements.

What waste types are suitable for an UN Rated bulk bag?

PacTec’s Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bags are suitable for many wastes, including household hazardous waste, lab packing, contaminated PPE, asbestos waste, sludges below a certain moisture content, and contaminated soils. Plus, with a UN-Rating “X” – they can be used for any waste falling into Packaging Groups I, II, and III.

Are self-standing UN-rated bulk bags easy to use?

Yes, PacTec’s Self-Standing UN-Rated Bulk Bags are extremely easy to use. They come shipped flat, so the walls simply need to be pushed out for use. And because they are self-standing- loading is simple as well. We’ve got a few videos that will show you just how easy they are to use here – and a comparison video of setting one up here.

How do self-standing bulk bags close shut?

One of the great things about these UN-rated bulk bags is how easy they are to close. The outermost layer simply zips shut, and you can determine the best method to close the integrated liner based on your needs – gooseneck and taped/tied, folded over, etc.

Can self-standing bulk bags be set up by one person?

These self-standing bulk bags are very easy for one person to set up and use. We even had a friendly timed competition to see which of our staffers could deploy one the quickest – check it out here.

Can bulk bags be stacked for storage and shipment to disposal sites?

We have great testing success and customers have reported that loaded bags can be stacked for storage and disposal shipment if done properly. Basically, ensure the volume fills the bag, and full bags are stacked in a pyramid fashion. More information can be provided upon purchase.

How do bulk bags hold up for long periods outdoors?

Yes and no. While we do not recommend long-term outdoor storage, we have had success with short-term outdoor storage exposed to the elements. If you need long-term outdoor storage, we recommend the bags be covered with a protective tarp to prevent direct UV exposure and moisture which can weaken the fiberboard sidewalls.

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