RailPac® Railcar Liners

Railcar Liners

RailPac® ensures the safest transportation of contaminated waste materials with a form-fit design to keep our liners securely in place. Manufactured from your choice of extruded or woven polymeric fabrics, these liners and tarps are designed for your railcar’s exact specifications and custom sizes are always available. The patented zipper ensures quick and easy installation and closure and can be fitted with a tamper indication device to deter unauthorized access.

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  • Applications:
    • Construction debris

    • Contaminated soil

    • Sludges

    • Ash wastes and powders

  • Features:
    • Patented zipper closure

    • Form fit design

    • Made of woven polyethylene to handle a variety of waste streams

    • IP-1

  • Advantages:
    • Installs in minutes

    • Ability to incorporate a tamper-resistant device

    • Patented closure method saves time and money

    • Top cover keeps out rain and snow

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What types of waste can be hauled in these railcar liners?

PacTec’s zippered railcar liners are the ideal waste packaging for myriad waste types within your rain gondolas – including construction debris, contaminated soils, ash wastes or powders, even sludges with low moisture content. If you’re curious about your particular waste type being suitable for hauling by rail within these liners, contact our team and we can guide you on the best solution.

How do they close?

PacTec’s railcar liners close easily and securely with a zipper, unlike many other solutions available. Plus, they are easy to install and even easier to secure for transport once full.

Are they leak-proof?

Our railcar liners are made from several woven polymeric materials, which offer great leak prevention, however, if you need a true leak-proof solution, we can add a blown film liner into the liner for added measure. We can also customize them with nonwoven layers to prevent sharp objects from piercing the outer layers. Click here for no obligation quote on railcar liners.

Do these rail liners fit standard size railcar gondolas?

PacTec’s zippered rail bag liners fit most standard size rail gondolas. We have also custom manufactured railcar liners for multiple customers to fit oversized gondola measurements and can customize to your specifications as well. Simply reach out to our team with your requirements to get things started.

How are they installed?

RailPacs® are very easy to install and eliminate the need to clean the gondola once emptied. To best illustrate the installation process, view this instruction video.

Are the rail liners rated or certified in any way?

PacTec’s railcar liners are rated Type IP-1 for the safe storage and transport of many waste types.

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