LiftPac® Loading & Lifting Frames

Loading & Lifting Frames

To make LiftPacs® as efficient as possible for your jobsite, we have created frames to ease the processes of loading and lifting. We offer these frames to fit standard bag sizes and make them available to you for rental or purchase.

We offer several loading frame sizes to accommodate various LiftPac® sizes and safe working loads (SWL). These loading frames easily hold the bags open for filling, reducing the need for additional labor and removing potential loading hazards.

Our specially designed lifting frames are made of high strength steel and have been tested to meet DOE-STD-1090 hoisting and rigging standards. The lifting frames are designed to work with a variety of lifting equipment found on most jobsites, including forklifts and cranes.

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  • Features:
    • Available for purchase or rent

    • Frames are liftable with fork truck, crane or end loader

    • Loaded bags can be moved while still in frame or lifted out

    • All lifting frames were designed in conjunction with PEs (professional engineers) and certified to meet ASME B30.20 “Below the Hook Lifting Devices” standards

    • Independent weld inspections (utilizing mag particle testing) are conducted on every lifting frame before sent to customers

  • Advantages:
    • Makes loading and lifting simpler

    • Provides stability when loading and lifting

    • Helps to maintain consistency in shape once loaded

    • Made from high quality materials

    • Multiple lift points to accommodate your equipment

    • Test reports and CoC’s (Certificates of Conformance) are supplied with every lifting frame order