LiftPac® Loading & Lifting Frames

Loading & Lifting Frames

Every job has its challenges, and loading and lifting containment containers with efficiency while maintaining safety standards tops the list. We designed the PacTec LiftPac® bulk bag lifting device to help you reduce labor costs and increase job efficiency. The bulk bag lifting equipment works with any standard bag size, meaning you can rent or purchase the frame to use with your existing containment bags. The bulk bag lifting devices can also be used on any job site – remote, inside a facility, or on facility grounds. The lifting frames can handle a variety of jobs with ease on construction, demolition, industrial plant, and environmental field service sites, and anywhere else where you need easy waste materials containment.

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  • Features:
    • Available for purchase or rent

    • Frames are liftable with fork truck, crane or end loader

    • Loaded bags can be moved while still in frame or lifted out

    • All lifting frames were designed in conjunction with PEs (professional engineers) and certified to meet ASME B30.20 “Below the Hook Lifting Devices” standards

    • Independent weld inspections (utilizing mag particle testing) are conducted on every lifting frame before sent to customers

  • Advantages:
    • Makes loading and lifting simpler

    • Provides stability when loading and lifting

    • Helps to maintain consistency in shape once loaded

    • Made from high quality materials

    • Multiple lift points to accommodate your equipment

    • Test reports and CoC’s (Certificates of Conformance) are supplied with every lifting frame order

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Products Highlights and Benefits

  • Engineered lifting devices meet DOE-STD-1090 hoisting and rigging standards, ensuring compliance with government regulations and maintaining high safety standards.
  • Works with most lifting equipment, including forklifts and cranes.
  • By consistently filling each LiftPac flexible storage container, you create uniform shapes to maximize storage and transport of containers.
  • Easy containment bag insertion into the bag lifting frame.
  • Bulk bag lifting equipment frames hold each bag open during filling, eliminating the need for a worker to continually adjust the bag and reducing labor costs.
  • Several loading frame sizes accommodate different LiftPac bag sizes and safe working loads (SWL), the maximum safe force that lifting equipment can exert during the lifting activity.
  • Lifting frames coupled with rigging placement balance load weight and maintain stability, reducing chances of accidents.


Do you rent your loading and lifting frames?

Yes, PacTec offers both loading and lifting frames for rent or purchase. Get a no obligation quote here.

Is the lift frame tested/certified?

You can feel confident using PacTec’s lifting frames as the specially designed lifting frames are made of high strength steel and have been tested to meet DOE-STD-1090 hoisting and rigging standards. The lifting frames are designed to work with a variety of lifting equipment found on most jobsites, including forklifts and cranes.

Can I lift the load frame with the bag in it?

The loading frame is not designed to be lifted and is not rated for that purpose. They are designed to hold the bag open during the loading process only.

Do you have operating instructions?

PacTec will provide both written and video operating instructions for using the frames with the LiftPac® flexible packaging. You can also view the installation video here.

What is the weight?

Since we offer various sizes and configurations based on your needs, you can reach out to our nuclear team for specifications.

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