Spill Containment Products

PacTec manufactures several standard and innovative spill containment solutions for a variety of industries and uses. Our flexible spill berms and secondary containment berms (BermPacs®) are a cost-effective method of staying compliant while offering superior protection from spills, leaks or hazardous discharges. PacTec has engineered and patented a variety of spill containment solutions to meet your specific size and content requirements. PacTec spill berms are one of the most affordable ways to prevent spills and contain potential leaks under all types of equipment in the field, including pumps, generators, frac tanks and more.

Our specialized Research & Development teams and engineers have worked to innovate several improvements on standard containment berms. We offer everything from standard materials and bracketed berms to more specialized, one-piece units with integrated sidewall supports. PacTec spill containment products provide a safe, easy and cost-effective solution for chemical or oil containment aimed at helping you prevent costly incidents.

We also offer many companion items to ensure the longevity of your spill containment berms, even in the harshest of conditions. Among them are ground covers for puncture prevention, rubber track matting to prevent abrasion from tires, high visibility hose bridges for sidewall protection and many more.

We keep a vast inventory of sizes, material and sidewall configurations in inventory for immediate delivery, but if we do not have exactly what you need, we can custom manufacture a spill berm to your exact specifications.