Type IP-1 LiftPac®

IP-1 Packaging

Any business packing and transporting low level radioactive material packaging needs Type IP-1 packaging. These packages can be designed with various layers to provide the perfect solution for packaging any type of LSA-I and SCO-I Low Level Waste, soils, rubble, demolition debris and some metal waste. PacTec engineers have designed the IP packaging to meet stringent federal regulations, relieving you of worrying about compliance. The IP packaging comes with an approved Certificate of Conformance. The DOT-compliant IP bags are specially designed to ensure safe packaging under normal conditions of transport with no loss or dispersal of the radioactive contents. All these features help you load the IP packaging quickly and efficiently, saving your business time and money, delivering worry-free waste management and ensuring you stay in compliance with the DOT 49 CFR 173.410

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  • Applications:
    • LLW LSA-I and SCO-I

    • Contaminated Soils

    • Concrete Rubble

    • Construction Debris

    • Some Metal Waste

  • Features:
    • Easy to handle, load and store

    • One-piece design for easy use

    • Flexible design compacts easily

    • Custom designs available

  • Advantages:

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Choice of using loading straps or lifting and loading frames
  • Available in a variety of sizes and safe working loads to accommodate different needs, ranging from 96 cubic feet and 8,800 pounds to 242 cubic feet and 22,000 pounds
  • Overpack design available for irregular sizes and shapes of materials, like metal components, increasing the capacity of waste and reducing operating costs
  • Each IP-1 container is marked with a serial number for traceability of the materials and manufacturing and giving you a means of tracking each bag
  • Ideal for industries that include construction, demolition, power generation, medical institutions, hospitals, research facilities, nuclear fuel cycle facilities, environmental field services, military installations and industrial plants


Do you provide COCs with LiftPacs?

Yes, all PacTec Type IP-1 LiftPacs® can be provided with Operator Instructions and are supplied with an approved Certificate of Conformance (COC).

Can they be self-standing?

PacTec offers many variations of Type IP-1 flexible waste packaging, including those with fiberboard inserts so that they can be self-standing for easy loading. These can be made in several sizes, but the most popular are our dual-purpose UN Certified IP-1 LiftPacs®.

Is it siftproof?

All PacTec IP certified waste packaging is put through thorough testing to meet their appropriate requirements, including those for Routine Conditions of Transport to certify the packaging siftproof.

Do I need a loading/lifting frame?

PacTec has designed convenient lifting and loading frames for use with our packaging, but they are not required. However, they make the process very economical, so most customers employ their use.

How many per pallet?

Packaging for shipment to your location is determined by the size of the packaging and the number of layers within each, so pallet count varies. For example, our popular 242 ft3 IP-1 bags typically come 20 per pallet.

What is the capacity?

We offer flexible IP-1 waste packaging with capacities that range from 3,000 lbs. up to 22,000 lbs.

Can you make it single pick?

PacTec’s innovative strap system does allow for center/single-pick of various IP-1 bags. To request a no obligation quote for them, click here.

What is the size and capacity?

The PacTec Type IP-1 LiftPac® LLW flexible containment packaging comes in varying sizes and safe working loads (SWL) from 96 cubic feet and 8,800 lbs up to 242 cubic feet and 22,000 lbs.

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