TransPac® Large Industrial Waste Container Bags

Large Container Industrial Waste Bags

TransPac® large industrial waste container bags are constructed of woven polymeric fabric that can handle your heavy loads of items like powders, asbestos, high-heat, odorous materials, metal shavings, sludges, and more. The difference in the PacTec industrial waste bags is found in their careful, heavy-duty construction that keeps your workers safe while disposing of materials that present a potential hazard.

These industrial waste disposal bags are customizable to accommodate the job. You can use these bags to line or cover large containers on job sites or at your facility or order customized industrial bags with one or more spouts, enabling direct disposal of materials into the container. They are also available in open-top and open-end designs.


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  • Applications:
    • Asbestos

    • Powders

    • Odorous Materials

    • High Heat Applications

    • Metal Shavings and Sludges

  • Features:
    • Patented zipper closure makes installation quick and easy

    • Prevents discharge of airborne dust

    • May be lined for wet applications

    • Spouted TransPac can be loaded by vacuum or gravity feed systems

  • Advantages:
    • Labor and cost savings over smaller waste packaging

    • E-Z Installation

    • Storage savings

    • Increased loading speed

    • Helps in odor reduction­­

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Decreases the potential of worker exposure to airborne particles
  • Increased efficiency in waste loading and disposal lowers operational costs
  • Patented zipper closure is available to make installation even easier and tighter and enhances containment of airborne particles
  • Protects the environment from exposure to damaging materials
  • Spout design enables you to collect waste materials at any interior or exterior collection point, depending on container placement
  • Requires minimal storage space when not in use


Are the bags custom made to fit truck trailers or do you have standard sizes?

PacTec offers both standard sized industrial container waste bags and custom solutions. We keep inventory of the most common 20-yard and 30-yard box sizes in a few configurations, both lined and unlined for your roll off boxes, end dump trailers, and more. If you would like a no obligation quote, simply click here or reach out to our trained team to discuss custom options.

Do you offer different styles of these bags?

PacTec offers four large container waste bag styles – center-zipper top, u-shaped zipper top, spouted top, and burrito-bag (open-ended) styles. Each has its own applications in the field and can be customized for your needs. Plus, we offer both lined and unlined options and can include puncture-resistant layers to prevent damage to the bag and the release of sharp contents.

How do you load waste into these bags?

The loading method for these bags is determined by your needs, available equipment, and bag type. If you are loading waste via chutes, our spouted top bags are ideal. However, if the waste is being manually loaded into containers, you may find an open-end or open-top bag mode appropriate. Our team can help you determine the best type for your situation. Reach out to them here.

What are they made from?

PacTec’s large container industrial waste bags are made from a robust polymeric coated outer layer. Many also include an integrated polyethylene liner, or nonwoven polymeric layer to prevent puncture from sharp contents. For more details or to request a material sample, reach out to your sales representative.

Are they lined and/or leak-proof?

PacTec does offer lined packaging options for wet applications. While not designed to prevent all leaks, they’ve historically performed very well in the field at mitigating leaks.

Can they handle high heat waste streams?

The standard materials used to construct these large container industrial bags perform well up to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but we utilize specialty fabrics for high-heat applications that can withstand much higher temperatures. They’ve been very successful for many customers and make unloading waste a breeze.

What wastes can go into these bags?

These bags are an ideal solution for the storage and disposal of myriad wastes- including but not limited to Asbestos, Powders, Odorous Materials, High Heat Applications, Metal Shavings, Sludges, Bio Waste, and much more. They’ve also been successfully used for construction debris.

How are they loaded into the containers?

These bags are easily loaded into containers and are connected to the boxes hooks or by use of stretch cord to the outer walls. To better explain the installation, view this quick video.

Do landfills accept bags full of waste?

Landfills love accepting waste in these bags, as they eliminate large dust clouds and odor off put when unloaded. In fact, many landfills are now requiring certain waste types to be brought in fully contained in flexible packaging to maintain their compliance with local regulations.

Can they be used in vacuum boxes or only in rolloffs?

PacTec has designed a specialty bag for use within vacuum boxes to eliminate the need for box cleanout. Minor alterations need to be made to the vacuum process on-site, but we can help you with that as the use of the bag far offsets the minor changes. Check out this explanatory video, then get in touch with our team for a free quote.

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