Dewatering Filters

Dewatering Filters

PacTec’s dewatering filters automatically separate solid and liquid during a sludge dewatering process. Also known as sediment filters, they are placed in dewatering containers or boxes to streamline and economize the filtering process. Wastewater treatment plants, power plants, drinking water facilities, industrial sludge pits, cooling towers, agricultural operations, construction projects, environmental remediation projects, and mining/marine dredging are all operations that can benefit from using the specially designed filters in the dewatering system when waste needs transporting for disposal to another location. The filters produce compacted, dry waste that has less weight and volume, minimizing waste disposal costs.


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  • Applications:
    • Industrial Sludge Pits

    • Marine Dredging

    • Environmental Remediation Projects

    • Cooling Tower Sludge

    • Paint Sludge

    • Sump Cleaning

  • Features:
    • Easy to install and use

    • Mesh options for faster dewatering

    • Cloth options available for heavy metals and hydrocarbons

    • Affordable & disposable

  • Advantages:
    • Works with most industrial dewatering box sizes/designs

    • Reduces disposal volume

    • No volume increases associated with using solidifiction agents

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Dewatering filters improve the results of the dewatering process by enhancing the natural filtering system.
  • Dewatering filters are made of fabric geotextile or mesh. Both materials are proven to efficiently separate liquid and solid waste material, or cloth filters that have a smaller pore size can be used for separating heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
  • Filtered solids may contain as low as eight to fifteen percent moisture, depending on the dewatering filters and processes used.
  • Standard dewatering filters are available in sizes that accommodate most dewatering boxes, with filters available for specialized dewatering containers.
  • Available filter micron ratings range from 50 to 260 microns, enabling the matching of the dewatering filter to the type of application.
  • Depending on the application, water can be recycled into a processing plant, reducing the amount of freshwater needed.


What size dewatering filters are available?

PacTec offers various dewatering filter liners to fit most common 20-yard and 30-yard dewatering boxes. We also offer W-shaped dewatering filters to fit boxes of that unique design.

What micron ratings do you carry?

PacTec utilizes many fabrics to effectively capture solids during the dewatering process, regardless of your water content. We offer micron ratings from 50-micron to 260-micron to meet your waste stream needs. If you are unsure which option is best, contact a member of our team and we will gladly assist you.

Do these liners fit dewatering boxes?

PacTec offers many dewatering filter sizes, meeting the needs of most dewatering boxes. However, if your box dimensions are uncommon- give us a call to inquire about exact sizing and fit. If needed, we can custom-manufacture liners for you.

Are these dewatering liners easy to install?

Yes, PacTec’s dewatering liners are very easy to install, and can be done quickly, by one person and from the outside of the box. To see just how easy it is done, we’ve created this installation video.

What material are the dewatering filters made of?

PacTec utilizes various materials to fabricate dewatering filters, but the most common are from a non-woven polymeric material. For a larger micron rating, we use mesh screens and woven materials with larger openings. If you need samples to test your waste stream, you can request these by contacting a member of our team.

Are dewatering filters reusable?

Most customers use dewatering filters one time only, as they tend to blind off (where solids become lodged in all openings) as they fill, rendering their dewatering capabilities null once complete. Knowing this, PacTec makes them an affordable component of your dewatering processes.

What applications are dewatering liners appropriate for?

PacTec’s dewatering filters are the ideal solution for dewatering many waste streams, including industrial sludge pits, cooling tower sludge, paint sludge, sump cleaning, and more. They are also heavily used in construction dewatering and industrial and refining processes.

How do your liners compare to other dewatering options?

Dewatering filters are often a much more cost-effective method of dewatering when compared to filter or belt press and eliminates the need for additional solids containment.

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