TransLiner® Form-Fit Disposable Container Liners

Form-Fit Disposable Container Liners

The TransLiner® is a disposable polyethylene container liner with a revolutionary design that ensures a form fit every time. Our design positions the liner seals outside of the container, providing exceptional leak protection to safely and securely transport solids and sludge wastes. The TransLiner® may also be fitted to cover the load which aids in dust and odor control.

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  • Applications:
    • Roll-off containers

    • Dumpsters

    • End dump trailers

    • Lugger boxes

    • Rail gondolas

  • Features:
    • Seals outside the container for leak protection

    • Available in many standard sizes and different mil thicknesses

    • Patented, form-fit design

  • Advantages:
    • Easy installation

    • Reduced washout costs

    • Odor and freeze control

    • Extended container life

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What size and thickness liners do you offer?

PacTec’s very first patented product, our polyethylene container liners, are available in dozens of sizes to fit your boxes in 4 industry-common sizes, plus we can custom manufacture or extrude anything to meet your needs. Our most popular and best-selling liners are 19’x32’ and 23’x34 to accommodate 20-yd and 30-yd roll offs of various sidewall heights. All our liner sizes are available in industry-average 2 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil and 6mil, 8 mil and 10 mil virgin or reprocessed polyethylene. To request a no-obligation quote, click here.

How are your container liners packed and shipped?

Most PacTec liners are conveniently rolled and individually boxed, however some specialty runs may come 2 liners per roll. They are available in full pallet and half-pallet quantities, and most are stocked at our 6 warehouses around the USA to reduce your shipping costs and transit times.

How many liners come per pallet?

This is a question we get frequently, but pallet quantities on our liners are different based on liner size and mil thickness, and with nearly 100 offerings, there are nearly that many answers. However, our most popular liners come 112 or 120 per pallet, while most ½ pallets are 48 liners. To get exact counts, contact your PacTec representative.

Do you offer virgin and reprocessed varieties?

We offer both virgin resin liners and repro (reprocessed/recycled) options in a variety of sizes and mil thicknesses. While most blown film liners are quoted as IA (Industry Average), we also offer true mil thicknesses if you require.

How do your liners differ from other companies’ liners?

PacTec’s very first patent was for our innovative container liner design, which positions ALL liner seals outside of the container to provide ultimate leak protection. Many other liners have seams either on the ends or down the center, which can present challenges in the event of a defect. Our liners are also rolled to make installation easier. Check out this video to see how simple installing our liners is.

Are these liners easy to install?

One of the true advantages of PacTec liners is their ease of installation. Simply done by one individual from outside the container, they save you precious time in the field. See this detailed installation video.

Do these liners only fit roll off dumpsters?

PacTec offers disposable container liners in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most industrial equipment, including roll off containers, dumpsters, end dump trailers, lugger boxes, rail gondolas and many more. To inquire if we have a solution for your specifications, reach out to one of our friendly experts.

Do you have liners for other applications?

As a custom manufacturer, PacTec can create a liner or waste bag for any application you have. Our liners have been successfully used in myriad situations.

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