TransLiner® Form-Fit Disposable Container Liners

Form-Fit Disposable Container Liners

The TransLiner® is a disposable polyethylene container liner with a revolutionary design that ensures a form fit every time. Our design positions the liner seals outside of the container, providing exceptional leak protection to safely and securely transport solids and sludge wastes. The TransLiner® may also be fitted to cover the load which aids in dust and odor control.

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  • Applications:
    • Roll-off containers

    • Dumpsters

    • End dump trailers

    • Lugger boxes

    • Rail gondolas

  • Features:
    • Seals outside the container for leak protection

    • Available in many standard sizes and different mil thicknesses

    • Patented, form-fit design

  • Advantages:
    • Easy installation

    • Reduced washout costs

    • Odor and freeze control

    • Extended container life

  • Case Studies:

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