Waste Containment Packaging

In addition to PacTec’s extensive product line of waste packaging, we offer several products for containing waste in your roll off boxes and dumpsters as well. We manufacture various roll off tarps, dumpster covers, roll off dumpster tarps and have the parts and accessories for them as well.

If you are outfitting a fleet or need a robust way to contain waste inside of your roll-off boxes, end dump trailers and dumpsters, you have found your supplier.

We utilize the best materials, fabrics and parts to manufacture high-quality, long-lasting covers. Whether you have needs for a basic layflat tarp, a rollover tarp or something to work with your auto tarp set-up, we have a solution for you. We can also custom manufacture specialty tarps for you if you have a high-heat waste stream or need dust or odor control.

We are also in the Alternate Daily Cover business (Landfill Covers) for dumps and disposal facilities. Many of our customers rely on us to save them time and money by utilizing our landfill tarps instead of soil covers at the end of each day. We utilize industrial strength grommets, D-rings and reinforce every corner to withstand the toughest environments. PacTec also offers fire resistant materials if you are in need of that.