Spill containment and waste packaging products and solutions.


PacTec, Inc.'s beginnings are rooted in innovating solutions for industrial customers like you. From our first patented polyethylene container liner to more specialized needs, we have the products for you. We keep many standard items in inventory to meet your immediate needs, including spill containment berms, FIBC's, railcar liners, disposable liners and tarpaulins.


Look no further than PacTec for your regulatory-compliant flexible packaging for hazardous materials. We can custom manufacture the perfect solution for your specific project requirements. Those solutions may include LSC/SCO wraps and overpacks, IP-1 and IP-2 flexible packaging, railcar liners, tarpaulins and disposable container liners.

Oil and Gas

With over 25 years experience providing solutions to our oil and gas customers across the globe, we’ve earned our reputation for being a true partner in their operations. When your oilfield job has a need for spill containment berms, flow line safety restraints, dewatering filters, or container liners, you can trust PacTec as your go-to provider.


PacTec has been providing custom solutions to refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide for decades. If you need waste products for your next turnaround, shutdown, or emergency, count on PacTec’s full line of spill containment berms, tarpaulins, dewatering filters and container liners.

Rental Companies

When your rental company is looking for assets that will require minimal maintenance, last for multiple uses and offer a fast ROI, look no further than PacTec. We've designed several solutions with your customers' needs in mind, all of which can earn you additional rental revenue.


If you are in the business of transporting waste or other materials, PacTec has the solutions for you. With several patents to our credit, we’ve been paving the way for moving things safely in our custom railcar liners, disposable liners and tarpaulins.

Modern Marvels

Extreme Packaging

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