Dewatering Solutions

Dewatering solutions for construction sites, agricultural companies, power plants, municipal wastewater facilities, drilling fields, and frac operations.

Are you dealing with paint sludges, industrial sludges, drilling muds, or frac sands? Are you concerned about how to properly dispose of contaminated sediment, soil, or sludge? If you work in an industry that regularly has to remove and dispose of groundwater, you have come to the right place! PacTec offers several patented waste minimization geomembrane solutions that will help you safely and compliantly dispose of excess water on your job site.

What is Dewatering?

Dewatering is a common term used to describe the process of removing water from the soil, silt, or sediment. Water is utilized in many industrial processes. If too much water seeps into the surrounding area and/or the soil is contaminated, a dewatering system will help contain the slurry so it can be safely and compliantly disposed of. Dewatering operations are used in many industries to minimize waste and convert liquids into solid waste for quick and efficient disposal.

What’s the Importance of Dewatering Your Job Site

Removing water from a job site is vital to the daily operations of many businesses. Excess groundwater can be expensive and hazardous. Whether you’re a construction company or a drilling operation, using efficient dewatering systems can help you:

  • Prevent unsafe conditions for your workers
  • Keep your projects on schedule
  • Reduce your operation costs
  • Protect your equipment from erosion
  • And more

PacTec’s dewatering solutions are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to remove excess water from your job site. We’ll help you stay in compliance to avoid shutdowns or fines.

How to Choose a Dewatering Method

Dewatering can be done through various pumping and evaporation methods such as centrifuge, mechanical belt presses, sludge lagoons, dewatering box rentals, sand drying beds, and more. Unfortunately, many of these methods are expensive, slow, and difficult to use.

PacTec offers alternative solutions, such as geotextile bags and filters, that help speed up the dewatering process and make cleaning up the work site a breeze- allowing your project to stay right on schedule. Learn more about what makes our dewatering products better than the rest on the market or contact us to chat about your specific needs.

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