BermPac® Hurdle Bracket Spill Containment Berms

Hurdle Bracket Spill Containment Berms

The Hurdle Bracket BermPac® is a durable containment solution. The hurdle-shaped brackets enable you to create a continuous rigid sidewall, offering high berm stability and eliminating the need for hose bridges. In addition, the brackets are removable, so you can drive on and off the bracketed spill berm if necessary. This feature makes the hurdle bracket berm ideal for most industries- including construction companies, gas service companies, equipment rental companies, industrial plants, refineries, agriculture, fracking operations, and municipal services.
The hurdle bracket berm’s durable brackets can be replaced if any pieces are lost or damaged. In the field, the spill berm is easy to set up, requiring only one person to unfold the flooring and slip in the metal brackets. This feature makes the hurdle bracket spill berm a cost-saving approach to spill containment.

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  • Applications:
    • Long term drum containment

    • Tote containment

    • Frac Tanks

    • Decon Wash Pads

    • Roll-off containers

  • Features:
    • Made from a variety of UV, chemical, and acid resistant materials

    • Rigid sidewall eliminates need for hose bridges

    • Many standard and custom sizes available

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  • Advantages:
    • Appropriate for cost-conscious consumers

    • Larger aluminum hurdle brackets create sturdy walls

    • Easy to set up, maintain, and dismantle

    • Very common and used type of spill containment in many industries

  • Accessories Available:
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    • Ground covers

    • Rubber track guard/matting

    • High visibility hose bridges

    • Replacement brackets (aluminum and steel available)

    • Berm carry bags

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Portable containment solution.
  • Reinforced materials resist tears, punctures, and rips.
  • Wide-base hurdle brackets offer maximum stability.
  • Custom hurdle brackets can make sidewalls as high as four feet tall.
  • A spill berm with hurdle brackets is an affordable spill containment option.
  • Hurdle bracket spill containment can be manufactured to meet federal and state secondary containment requirements for a variety of fluids, including chemical spills, diesel fuel, gasoline, and oil.


How do hurdle bracket berms differ from L bracket berms?

Hurdle brackets berms are more secure than standard L-bracket berms because they provide a sturdier footing and sidewall support. Hurdles are often used on sidewalls higher than 12”, but can be utilized for any berm. PacTec offers both lightweight aluminum and steel hurdles to support your required sidewall height.

How high can the sidewalls be?

Sidewall height is determined by use case, but we have made sidewalls up to 48” high. As a custom manufacturer, we are happy to accommodate any requirement you have. Simply give our sales team a call to discuss your project and spill capacity needs.

Do you offer secondary containment?

PacTec offers more than simple spill containment – we can provide for true 110% secondary containment needs as well. We can help you calculate your needs to meet regulations, and then work with you to design a containment unit designed for your gallon capacity and available footprint.

What sizes are available for hurdle bracket berms?

PacTec’s hurdle bracket spill berms can be made any size you need, but common sizes range from 10’x10’ to 12’x50’. Plus, we can accommodate any sidewall height to increase containment capacity.

What are the brackets made of in hurdle bracket spill berms?

PacTec hurdles can be made from lightweight, sturdy aluminum or a heavy gauge steel. Our engineers will work with you to determine the best one for your needs based on berm size and sidewall height.

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