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Spill Berm Accessories

The only thing that can make a spill berm even more beneficial is taking advantage of the variety of available berm accessories. Our spill berms are heavy-duty, but adding a few waste containment accessories makes the spill berm even better able to handle the job more efficiently. For example, waste containment accessories include hose bridges, which make hose placement simpler and relieves pressure on berm sidewalls. All spill berm accessories are designed to reduce your labor costs and provide extra confidence that you are doing everything possible to protect the environment.

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  • Accessories Available:
    • Ground Covers

    • Rubber track guard/matting

    • High visibility hose bridges

    • Replacement brackets (aluminum and steel available)

    • Berm carry bags

    • Company logo

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Products Highlights and Benefits

  • Increase portability and storage ease with berm carry bags.
  • Improve job efficiency with accessories like hose bridges.
  • Protect the berm from vehicles and tires with a rubber track guard.
  • Maintain compliance with SPCC and EPA regulations.
  • Extend the life of the berm.


What berm accessory is best to go under spill berms?

The best choice of underlayment for berms is PacTec’s felt-like material, a non-woven polymeric material designed to prevent punctures from uneven ground to the berm. If the terrain is especially rough, rubber matting may be a more suitable option for you. Both are offered in many different sizes.

What is the purpose of rubber matting for spill berms?

Most of our customers use PacTec’s rubber matting inside of the berm as a track guard, protecting the berm from abrasion by the movement of tires or puncture if a rock were to be lodged within the tire tread. Rubber matting comes in different widths and lengths.

What are spill berm hose bridges made of?

When it comes to protecting your containment berm investment, there is no greater accessory than a Steel Hose Bridge from PacTec, Inc. Designed to keep the weight from generator and pump cables/hoses from the berm sidewalls, in the event of a catastrophic leak, the berm sidewalls will continue to function properly. Plus, the cables/hoses will not be contaminated with the leaked fluid.

What size of spill berm hose bridges do you offer?

PacTec’s standard hose bridges are 24” across, 16” wide, and 21.5” high with 16” clearance.

How do you apply company logos to berms?

We can customize your berms by applying high-tack vinyl labels to the sidewalls. The material we print on is custom from 3M. It is highly effective on most of our materials, and performs well in most conditions.

How do I order replacement parts for my spill berms?

Replacement berm parts are always available from PacTec. Simply reach out to your sales rep with your needs and we will handle things from there. Or you can complete an online request here.

Do you offer different ground covers?

PacTec offers several thicknesses of ground covers to place under your berms in the dimensions appropriate to your berm size.

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