BermPac® Foam Sidewall Spill Berms

Foam Sidewall Spill Berms

This BermPac® utilizes economical and lightweight soft or hard foam for sidewalls. The options include sealed foam sidewalls or removable foam sleeves depending on your jobsite needs. Not only do these BermPacs® offer easy and quick installation, but replacement foam inserts are also available if needed.

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  • Applications:
    • Frac Tanks

    • Decon Wash Pads

    • Tanker Trucks

    • Heavy Machinery/Equipment

  • Features:
    • Drive-on/drive-off without exiting the vehicle

    • Lightweight and durable

    • Made from a variety of UV, chemical and acid resistant materials

    • Easily replaceable foam inserts

  • Advantages:
    • Cost-efficient and appropriate for low budgets

    • Foam is protected in sleeves or sealed in berm

    • Very quick installation

    • Ideal for oilfield usage

  • Accessories Available:
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    • Ground covers

    • Rubber track guard/matting

    • High visibility hose bridges

    • Replacement foam sleeves

    • Berm carry bags

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