LandPac® Landfill Covers

Landfill Covers

The LandPac® Cover is an alternative daily landfill cover that replaces the application of six inches of topsoil at the end of each operating day, as required by law, saving man-hours and reducing other operational expenses. The Environmental Protection Agency has mandated the daily application of a landfill cover for health, sanitation, pest, and odor control, but applying six inches of soil daily is expensive. Compared to using a landfill cover, the cost for soil application is higher for labor, equipment operating expenses, and the excavation, delivery, and placement of the topsoil. Landfill tarps are much more economical and practical.

These landfill covers will shed surface water, prevent blowing litter, control disease vectors, prevent waste fires and reduce scavenging. You can also minimize the absorption of liquids into the soil or waste to minimize leachate. Controlling each of these processes upfront represents cost savings in the future. The landfill soil covers have many other uses besides covering landfills too. For example, they are ideal for preventing soil erosion due to wind and rain during construction projects, agricultural operations, or soil remediation by environmental field services.

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  • Applications:
    • Soil remediation

    • Can replace daily soil coverage

    • Odor control

  • Features:
    • Minimizes water infiltration

    • Can be manufactured from flame-retardant materials

    • Custom sizes available

  • Advantages:
    • Lower costs of traditional ADC

    • Reduces odors

    • Controls debris

    • Increases landfill life

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Landfill tarp is used with an auto-covering system or is manually applied
  • Standard and customizable sizes are available
  • Standard landfill cover tarps are made with polymeric materials that offer moisture, dust, and odor control- but customers can order flame retardant material
  • Reduces the landfill’s attraction for disease-carrying animals and birds
  • Affordable products to make the job easier
  • Landfill odor control products benefit landfill workers and people living in the surrounding area, minimizing the chances of expensive OSHA fines and lawsuits claiming community health hazards


How do landfill covers compare to soil covering?

PacTec’s ADC (alternate daily cover) landfill covers are an easy-to-use alternative to moving large amounts of soil over fresh disposal sites daily. This presents both a cost and a time-effective alternative. Available in several standard sizes, they cover large areas to aid debris and odor control.

Are landfill covers fire retardant?

PacTec’s standard landfill covers are designed for odor and moisture control, but we can manufacture them using flame retardant material to withstand temps up to 500°F. To inquire about them, reach out to a member of our team.

Do they work with our auto-covering system?

PacTec’s landfill covers work with most auto-covering systems, or they can be laid by workers.

Does this help with odors?

Landfills are often burdened with odor control, and many solutions exist- including alternate daily covers. Our customers have realized great success in mitigating odor spread by utilizing LandPacs® daily

What sizes of landfill covers are available?

PacTec can custom manufacture to your exact specifications, but keeps the following sizes in inventory: 48’x50’, 48’x100’, and 100’x100’ landfill covers. To get pricing on a custom size, request a no obligation quote here.

Does a landfill cover prevent debris from blowing around?

One of the many benefits of utilizing PacTec’s alternate daily landfill cover is the prevention of debris spread. Both wind and rain are common debris spreaders in open landfills, and the LandPac® helps prevent this.

Does a landfill cover help with water infiltration?

PacTec’s landfill covers do an excellent job at preventing water infiltration.

Is this approved for use at my landfill?

Many landfills use alternate covers instead of soil these days, but you should check with your local governing bodies and corporate headquarters (where applicable) to ensure their use complies.

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