About Us

We Manufacture Packaging. We Engineer Solutions.

PacTec, Inc. is a global provider of flexible waste packaging, including specialty nuclear products, spill containment berms, dewatering filters and tubes, IP-1/IP-2 lift bags, tarps, liners and more. Our corporate offices are based in Clinton, LA with sales and distribution locations across America. We also own and operate manufacturing facilities in Subic Bay, Philippines and Clinton, LA. Our corporate philosophy of manufacturing packaging, but engineering solutions where none exist has been at our core since the beginning. With over 22 US and 1 British patent to our credit, we’ve built a reputation for developing innovative solutions for today’s problems. Established in 1989, we have grown from a humble operation in Clinton, LA to a global leader with over 250 employees worldwide.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most innovative, high quality waste packaging solutions enabling our customers to safely and efficiently collect, transport, and dispose of waste materials. We will be united in our purpose and dependable in our execution. We will be supportive of our teammates, our customer’s mission, and the global community in which we live and work.

Our History

PacTec was founded in 1989 by Mike Schilling and Morris Mintz. While working as a chemical pest contractor inside local industrial plants, Mike noticed many trucks coming and going with haphazard poly sheeting lining the floor and walls in a poor attempt at preventing leaks. Sparked with an idea that a better solution must be available, and finding none, he set out to create one. Working tirelessly in his garage with a shoebox as a makeshift container, and sheeting of his own, he worked through many design iterations before landing on a revolutionary container liner design that he felt confident would change the market.

Mike’s design positioned all the seams on the outside of the container, eliminating any weak points at seams, and virtually eliminated the potential for leaks. He quickly patented the design, and started PacTec, Inc. to manufacture and sell these new liners. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, and PacTec’s product mix grew steadily over the years as we responded to the needs of our customers. We currently offer over 13 product categories comprised of hundreds of custom waste packaging, containment, and waste minimization solutions. In addition, we have a full suite of nuclear and hazardous waste containment products, many of which are also innovative enough to earn patents.

Our Focus on Solutions

When we say “We manufacture packaging. We engineer solutions.” we mean it. Everything we do revolves around this guiding principle. While there are many packaging manufacturers, few are as dedicated to working with you to engineer a custom solution to a problem where none currently exists. In fact, many of the products we now offer were born of a customer need that worked so well for them that others would benefit.

We understand that your project, job, budget, or requirements differ from others. As do our products. Our ability to offer thousands of variations in product sizes, styles, and capacities for each of our products offers us to customize a solutions designed specifically for you. Plus, our experienced team of engineers, research & development staff, manufacturing leaders, and quality control advisors will work with you to solve your problem waste challenges. We approach things in a team fashion, so when you contact us, you get our entire staff working on a solution for you.

Our Business/Locations

PacTec has built a vast network of manufacturing facilities, distribution locations, and sales offices across multiple continents to best serve our global customer base. You can find more detailed information about our operations here.

Working at PacTec, Inc.

  • Opportunity & Advancement

    Opportunity & Advancement

    PacTec is a growing company, and advancement opportunities abound – you will only be limited by your work ethic and talent. We know that our people are our greatest asset, so we invest in them in several ways. Competitive pay, training, generous benefits package, fun and exciting work environment, and growth potential are just a few of them.

    Our campus is located in Clinton, LA just north of the BTR airport. Here is where our manufacturing operations, shipping and logistics, and corporate offices reside.

  • Our Culture

    Our Culture

    We work hard and we play hard. Our office has an integrated Rogue employee gym, scenic acreage with fishing ponds, and gourmet coffee station. In 2019 we marked our 30th anniversary as a locally-owned, family business. We are fiercely driven to continue our pursuit of innovating solutions for our customers while patenting those solutions (beyond the 22 already to our credit).

    As a CISA essential employer serving the critical needs of multiple industries including oil and gas, construction, and nuclear, we were able to retain all operational staff during the 2020 COVID pandemic. This job security has proven invaluable to our team members.

    While an Equal Opportunity Employer, we have always been mindful of building a diverse team from all walks of life. We employ Veterans, individuals with disabilities, and are proud to have staff from a dozen different countries.

  • Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits

    PacTec is very generous in our healthcare and benefit offerings to all full-time employees. These include, but are not limited to, healthcare coverage for employees and families, dental insurance, vision insurance, company-matching IRA, employer-paid life insurance, paid vacation + sick time, and 9 paid annual company holidays.

  • Careers


    We invite you to take the next step in exploring an exciting new career with PacTec, Inc by clicking here.

Global Quality Control

In addition to our innovative nature, we are equally committed to our Quality Assurance program. We maintain an ISO 9001:2015 Certification and follow ASME NQA-1 standards to retain status as an approved vendor under NQA-1 of the DOE/NNSA to numerous nuclear facilities and contractors. This commitment means that every employee at every level is committed to our Quality Management System and that we will deliver consistently high-quality service to all stakeholders by providing the best possible products. This quality program is instituted in all of our manufacturing facilities domestic and abroad. We also hold all global partners to live up to those standards when supplying us with raw materials, components, or logistics services.

To do this, we will implement and maintain processes to ensure consistency, safety, and quality. And we will remain committed to keeping our team informed and focused on delivering on this promise. All of this to ensure we always meet our customers’ needs without fail.

To read more about our Quality Assurance programs and certifications, click here.

Community Involvement & Charitable Endeavors

Giving back to the communities we serve has always been important to us. Each year our team votes for an annual charity to support, and we hold fundraising drives throughout the year to raise funds. We also focus on causes that support youth education, the elderly, and infirmed.

Both our US operations and global locations do this as it is a core initiative of PacTec.

In addition to our financial gifts, we place a large emphasis on volunteerism and team member giving.

If you would like to be considered for a charitable donation, please email your request to info@pactecinc.com.

Contact Us

You can contact any member of our team for more information on standard or custom product needs. Our team members are divided by state and industry, and you can find the right person for you by clicking here.

Find testimonials from satisfied customers and read about successful use cases in our Resource Center.

Call our team at 800.272.2832 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

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