Dust Control and Airborne Waste Containment

Dust control is a unique challenge for waste generators, waste haulers and landfill sites.

Does your site generate dusty wastes from sanding, cutting, burning, or milling processes? Are you hauling or receiving dusty waste at your disposal facility? Are you concerned with creating large dust clouds from fine, powdery wastes that can get carried away by the wind?

If you work in an industry that produces airborne contaminants or dusty waste, you’ll need a reliable dust control solution. Improperly containing airborne waste can result in environmental compliance issues for your facility and negatively impact the health and safety of your staff or neighboring communities.

What Are Dusty Wastes or Airborne Contaminants?

Dusty wastes and airborne contaminants are foreign materials or debris that are lingering in the air or carried by the wind. Examples of dusty wastes and airborne contaminants might include:

  • Dirt
  • Odors
  • Wood or metal shavings
  • Fine particulate matter
  • Powdery substances like lime or fertilizers
  • Asbestos

While many of these materials might seem harmless, once they become airborne they pose significant health hazards to humans and the environment.

Which Industries Need Dust Control Solutions?

You need dust control if you’re working in any facility that might produce, transport, or dispose of waste that can become airborne. Industries or companies might include:

  • Demolition companies
  • Construction sites
  • Granite cutting
  • Sand blasting
  • Dirt and sand haulers
  • Landfills
  • Railcars

Whether your facility is creating dust or receiving dusty waste for disposal, you’ll want to properly contain your airborne waste. Breathing in airborne debris is a serious issue for the health and safety of your employees and the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, failing to contain dusty waste opens up your facility for hefty fines due to violation of local, state, and federal guidelines.

How Can You Contain Dusty Waste or Airborne Waste?

Dusty waste doesn’t need to be a complex problem. PacTec has designed several dust control products for containing airborne waste at every stage of the process – generation, transportation, and disposal. Our products are engineered to protect your workers from potential hazards associated with exposure to dusty wastes. They’ll also minimize the release of dust into the environment so you can avoid environmental compliance problems for your facility.

Eliminate dusty waste and airborne contaminants by choosing the top-quality solutions we offer our customers. Our products allow you to make safety a priority.

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