MacroBag® LLMW Flexible Packaging

LLMW Flexible Packaging

It may be called low-level mixed waste, but the waste is still subject to specific government storage and transport regulations because it presents a hazard to employees, the public, and the environment due to its low radioactivity. With the MacroBag®, a low-level waste container, you can meet the regulations for low-level radioactive debris and mixed waste while gaining numerous benefits for your company at the same time. The LLMW packaging is cost-effective compared to rigid containers, saves storage space, and promotes greater employee and environmental safety. Contaminated mixed waste includes liquids and slurries, solid process residues, debris, and more.

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  • Applications:
    • Very low level mixed waste

    • Low level mixed waste

    • Drum storage

    • Radioactive lead solids

  • Features:
    • Approved by EPA for macroencapsulation

    • Patented airtight and liquid closure system

    • Approved for RLS

    • Approved at NNSS & Multiple disposal sites

  • Advantages:
    • Easy zipper closure system

    • No grout, no welding

    • Load drums and boxes directly into the MacroBag®

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Products Highlights and Benefits

  • Supports any organization generating low level radioactive and hazardous materials, like energy production facilities, medical and research laboratories, mining, research facilities, industrial operations, environmental services, construction and demolition, and nuclear power plant operations.
  • Easy to fill while maintaining conformity in size and shape, reducing storage and transport costs.
  • Avoid government fines for improper storage and transport of LLMW materials.
  • Low-level mixed waste packaging is suitable for debris waste that includes metal debris, concrete, asbestos, brick, soils, contaminated debris, paint solids, batteries, and more.
  • Great for storing drums, boxes, and other storage containers filled with LLMW materials.
  • Engineered design of the low-level radioactive waste containers improves employee safety.


Is the MacroBag® approved by any regulatory agencies?

PacTec’s patented LLMW macroencapsulation technology has been approved by the US EPA and approved at NNSS and several other disposal sites in the US.

Does the MacroBag® have a patent?

Yes, the MacroBag® is protected under 2 current US patents. For more information, reach out to a member of our team to discuss.

How big a MacroBag® can you manufacture?

We can manufacture these low-level mixed waste packages in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

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