Hinge Bracket Spill Containment Berms

Hinge Bracket Spill Containment Berms

Due to rigorous requirements, sufficiently meeting the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) laws can be challenging. PacTec’s Hinge Bracket BermPac® spill berms are the ideal solution because they are designed to meet environmental protection laws and protect employee health and safety while offering labor savings and convenience to your operations.

One person can easily unfold the hinge bracket berms and raise each L-bracket hinge to a 90-degree angle on all four berm sides. This utility helps avoid job scheduling delays since you do not need to schedule two people to manage most sizes of the hinge bracket spill containment berms. The portability of the bracketed spill berms also means you have more flexibility concerning the jobs you can accept. These spill berms are rugged and can contain large spills and leaks of petroleum products and chemicals.


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  • Applications:
    • Frac Tanks

    • Towable equipment such as light towers

    • Decon Wash Pads

    • Pumps and Generators

  • Features:
    • Patent-pending* hinge easily stays in upright position

    • Brackets can be removed/replaced

    • Many materials choices available

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  • Advantages:
    • Quickest berm setup in the industry

    • Portable, reusable, and repairable

    • Durable and lightweight

    • Compact berm design for efficient storage

  • Accessories Available:
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    • Ground covers

    • Rubber track guard/matting

    • High visibility hose bridges

    • Replacement brackets

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Easy drive-in access
  • Brackets are pre-inserted, eliminating potential misplacement or loss
  • Affordable spill containment and secondary spill containment
  • Protects from spills, leaks and discharges during equipment filling, cleaning, maintenance, and discharging
  • UV, chemical, and acid resistant
  • Excellent for use as a temporary drum or roll-off container storage, or as decon wash pad
  • Different sizes are available to accommodate different types of equipment and vehicles, including generators, frac tanks, fuel trucks, tanker trucks, heavy equipment, etc.


What is the sidewall height of the hinge bracket spill berms?

PacTec’s hinge bracket berms are unique in that the sidewalls are a more manageable 6” height, instead of the industry standard of 12”. Our customers worked with us to develop a product that would still contain spills effectively but reduce cost, berm weight, and bulk from their containment units.

Do the brackets stay upright?

Yes, once the hinges are opened in the upright (90° position), they remain that way by an innovative hinge design. However, they can easily be closed as needed for ease of equipment loading into the containment berm.

If the hinge brackets become damaged, can they be replaced?

The great thing about the hinges in this berm design is that they can be removed from their pockets and replaced if necessary. Replacement brackets are available for immediate order and shipment.

Do the brackets come with the berm?

Our hinge bracket berms are shipped with all brackets pre-inserted into each pocket, ready for immediate use. The cost of the berm includes the brackets.

What are the best applications for a hinge bracket berm?

Because the hinge bracket berms come in many standard sizes (or customized to your specific needs), the applications are endless. Typical uses include frac tanks, towable rented equipment such as light towers and generators, or used as decontamination wash pads. Plus, we offer many material choices to meet any chemical compatibility concerns you may have.

Are hinge bracket spill berms reusable?

Yes, with proper care of the spill containment berm, you will get many uses from them. In fact, many equipment rental companies purchase these berms to rent with their equipment. If you are concerned about berm damage from rocky terrain, we offer many protective accessories to extend the life of your berms.

What material is a hinge bracket spill berm made from?

As a custom manufacturer, we can construct hinge berms from many materials to meet your needs. However, the most common materials requested are vinyl and our proprietary PVC blend which we keep in inventory for immediate shipment.

Can hinge bracket spill berms be handled by one employee?

This is the very reason we created this berm type – our customers needed a lighter, more manageable berm that could be easily deployed by one employee in the field. We are proud to report that these berms can easily be set up by one employee as they are much lighter than alternative styles. See how easy they are to deploy in this video.

Do the hinge berms set up easily?

These berms are very easily deployed. One employee can simply do it by placing it in the desired location, unfolding it, and erecting the hinges into their upright (90°) position. See how easy they are to deploy in this video.

Do hinge bracket berms hold up well on rough terrain?

We have found these berms to be very robust and effectively hold up well on various terrains/environmental conditions. However, if you have concerns, we offer a full line of protective accessories, including protective ground covers and track matting

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