TransPac® Transformer Containment Bags

Transformer Containment Bags

PacTec’s TransPac® Transformer Containment Bag is the safe way to contain leaking transformers for transport to service centers. Our proprietary design is the first in the industry to utilize a zipper closure for ease of use in the field. The heavy-duty, multi-layer bag includes a full absorbent inner layer and is also lightweight, compact and easily stored on service trucks.

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  • Applications:
    • Pole-Mounted Transformers (37.5 kVA, 50 kVA and Small 75 kVA)

    • Storm Preparedness

    • Other sizes coming soon

  • Features:
    • “Y” UN Rating for Pkg Group II for the safe transport of PCB’s

    • DOT Compliant

    • Easy to Use zipper closure

    • Bright white bag with reflective striping for safety

  • Advantages:
    • Self-supporting material holds bag open for easy, one-person loading

    • Fully lined with absorbent material for maximum spill control

    • Lightweight and compact

    • More economical than metal drums

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Do these bags contain leaking transformers?

PacTec designed the transformer containment bags for the very purpose of containing any leaks from oils or PCBs. As such, these bags are fully lined with a nonwoven polymeric material to absorb any liquids, whereas many other options on the market only have absorbent on the bottom of the bag.

What sizes can fit in these units?

This bag has been sized to accommodate pole-Mounted Transformers (37.5 kVA, 50 kVA and Small 75 kVA). They are also the ideal size for 55-gallon drums and smaller, which many customers are using for spent carbon and other wastes that fall under the “Y” UN Rating for Pkg Group II for the safe transport of PCB’s.

Do you offer options for pad mount transformers?

Currently, PacTec only offers the cylindrical bag design. We have not received much demand for pad-mount transformer sizes, however, we can custom manufacture one for you. Simply reach out to our team of professionals for a consultation.

Are these bags suitable for other items or just transformers?

Given their size and UN-rating, this bag is suitable for a wide range of items and waste aside from transformers. Many of our customers use them for corroded drum overpacking, for spent fuel canisters or carbon, even for mechanical parts and engines.

Are these bags rated or certified in any way?

PacTec’s transformer containment bags are indeed UN rated “Y” for Pkg Group II for the safe transport of PCB’s and are DOT compliant. They have gone through rigorous testing to meet this certification level and adhere to our strict quality program.

Aren’t metal drums easier to use and cheaper?

Metal drums are an alternative to these transformer bags, but drums pose certain challenges, including their cost, handling difficulty, lack of absorbent and strapping for ease of lifting.

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