Nuclear Waste Packaging

Waste packaging options for radioactive waste have come a long way in recent years, as PacTec, Inc. has introduced several certified and approved flexible options at a more affordable price. We now offer innovative, patented nuclear waste containment solutions for the macroencapsulation of LLMW (low-level mixed waste) and RLS (radioactive lead solids), plus a variety of Type IP-1, IP-2, and 7A Type A/IP-3 flexible containers that meet DOT transport regulations.

These products have been designed to meet the needs of our nuclear waste management customers for the safe storage and disposal of nuclear waste. Our approved flexible waste packaging significantly reduces nuclear waste disposal costs while streamlining the disposal process of radioactive waste.

As a custom manufacturer, we’ve also built a reputation on engineering LSA (low specific activity) and SCO (surface contaminated object) overpacks to meet any project needs. If you need to dispose of radioactive waste, we have the experience to design and manufacture a solution for your specific requirements.

PacTec's Nuclear Waste Packaging Products