Nuclear Waste Packaging

Employ highly specialized packaging solutions to avoid nuclear waste leakage and increase operational safety and efficiency.

Nuclear waste is highly unstable, and can have devastating long-term consequences if not handled properly. This is why it is vital to pack and store nuclear waste in reliable containers. At PacTec, we provide custom nuclear waste packaging solutions that are engineered and manufactured in compliance with DOT transport regulations. Our patented nuclear waste containers are suitable for the macro encapsulation of LLMW, which are low-level mixed waste, and RLS, which are radioactive lead solids, in addition to a variety of Type IP-1, IP-2, and 7A Type A IP-3 flexible containers.

Nuclear Waste Packaging that Saves Time and Money

The flexible waste packaging solutions we offer will help you cut costs on nuclear waste collection and disposal from demolitions or site remediations, which can help reduce the cost of nuclear waste disposal. For instance, with our IP-1 LiftPac, you can save upwards of 400% more, when compared to traditional packaging alternatives like a metal box measuring 96 cubic feet. In addition to cost efficiency, flexible nuclear waste packaging is also a lot more convenient to use and store, since it can be collapsed when not in use. They are also engineered using high-strength, lightweight materials, thereby making the transportation process much easier. In fact, empty flexible packages weigh up to 50 pounds less than rigid containers, on average.

Our flexible nuclear waste packages are made using self-supporting materials, which means they only require one person to keep the bag open while loading waste into it. They also require fewer personnel while loading and deploying, which will allow you to save money on handling, machinery, and transportation. These nuclear waste packages have also been designed to efficiently work with specialized loading and lifting frames that have been custom manufactured to streamline the nuclear waste disposal process, thereby making it easier, safer, and less time-consuming.

We can also customize nuclear waste packaging to help you save money on disposal costs. Since flexible packages already weigh less than rigid alternatives, you are guaranteed to save on disposal costs. We can also add polymeric liners or absorbents to prevent nuclear waste from leaking and make the package resistant to punctures and material release.

Customized to Suit Your Nuclear Waste Needs

We specialize in engineering custom nuclear waste packaging solutions, including LSA (Low Specific Activity) and SCO (Surface Contaminated Object) overpacks based on client requirements for various types of projects. With thorough quality inspection and a team of expert engineers, we ensure that all our nuclear waste packages are designed and manufactured to comply with DOT 49 CFR regulations, based on the type of waste they are designed to store.

PacTec can assist you with all of your nuclear waste management issues. If the designs, sizes, or material configurations of our nuclear waste containers do not match your specific requirements, we would gladly collaborate with you to custom develop a suitable solution.

PacTec's Nuclear Waste Packaging Products