7A Type A IP-3 LiftPac®

7A Type A IP-3 LiftPac®

PacTec introduces the only flexible packaging solution for Type IP-3 categorized waste on the market. The patent-pending 7A Type A IP-3 LiftPac® LLW flexible containment package builds on our tested and certified Type IP-2 flexible packaging by enduring additional testing – including penetration, water spray and extreme temperature.

Suitable for soil, sand, gravel and construction debris, this package provides a superior solution for LSA-III Low Level Waste over metal containers and meets all requirements of applicable 49 CFR regulations for the safe transport and disposal of radioactive waste.

We offer a range of Type IP-3 packages of varying sizes and safe working loads (SWL) from 96 cubic feet and 8,800 lbs. up to 242 cubic feet and 22,000 lbs.

All PacTec 7A Type A IP-3 LiftPacs® can be provided with Operator Instructions. They are also supplied with an approved Certificate of Conformance (COC) and are labelled with individual serial numbers, providing for full traceability of materials and manufacturing.

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  • Applications:

    • Contaminated Soils

    • Concrete Rubble

    • Construction Debris

    • Some Metal Waste

  • Features:
    • Easy to handle, load and store

    • Multiple layer design

    • Flexible design compacts easily

    • Custom designs available

  • Advantages:

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