7A Type A IP-3 LiftPac®

7A Type A IP-3 LiftPac®

Meeting the government regulations for packaging, storing, and transporting hazardous Class 7A Type A radioactive materials is not easy unless you rely on engineering expertise in the development of suitable packaging. It is important to closely adhere to them to avoid expensive fines and to be a good corporate citizen.

The PacTec 7A Type A IP-3 LiftPac® can handle numerous types of Class 7A radioactive waste generated in industries that include energy, hospitals, demolition, mining, environmental services, nuclear facilities, and research laboratories. By developing Type A packaging for radioactive materials, PacTec has taken the worry out of whether your company is meeting the complex regulations of several government agencies, including the Nuclear Regulatory Agency for containment and the DOT for shipping Class 7A materials. Our Type A packaging is flexible too, increasing containment and transport efficiency.

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  • Applications:

    • Contaminated Soils

    • Concrete Rubble

    • Construction Debris

    • Some Metal Waste

  • Features:
    • Easy to handle, load and store

    • Multiple layer design

    • Flexible design compacts easily

    • Custom designs available

  • Advantages:

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Products Highlights and Benefits

  • The IP Type A container is suitable for low-level radioactive waste.
  • IP3 packaging meets additional testing requirements, including penetration, water spray, and extreme temperature.
  • Type A radioactive packaging is ideal for soil, sand, gravel, construction debris, low-level radioactive medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and some metal waste.
  • Available in varying sizes and safe working loads (SWL) from 96 cubic feet and 8,800 lbs. up to 242 cubic feet and 22,000 pounds.
  • Protects employee and public safety through enhanced content shielding.
  • IP iii industrial packaging handles the routine conditions of transport.