TransCover® Tarpaulins


The TransCover® is a custom manufactured tarp utilizing quality, high strength, yet lightweight fabrics. Many standard sizes are stocked to provide quick turnaround. From waterproof to mesh, to a full line of bungee accessories, PacTec has your tarp needs covered.

PacTec Tarp Kit

Our Tarp Kit is the perfect solution for modifying your box to fit the tarp you need. This economical package includes the roll tarp, bows, bow holders, ratchets, tarp stops, fixed or roll pipe, crank and straps.

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  • Applications:
    • Layflat/Throw tarps

    • Auto tarp replacements

    • Rollover tarps

    • Mesh packer/Compactor tarps

  • Features:
    • Strong, lightweight fabrics

    • Ratchet binders available

    • Heavy duty brass spur grommets or d-rings

    • Webbing reinforced perimeter hems

  • Advantages:
    • Prompt manufacturing time

    • Durable and lightweight

    • Enhances container life

  • Accessories Available:
    • Rise bows

    • Tarp handles

    • Tarp straps

    • Tarp stops

    • Ratchet binders

    • Bungees