TransCover® Tarpaulins


TransCover® Tarpaulins are manufactured with durable, lightweight, tear-resistant polymeric fabrics. These versatile, heavy-duty, lay flat or throw tarps are designed for covering and protecting cargo and equipment on semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, and dump trucks. They are also ideal for protecting materials stored on job sites or in-facility, useful as a temporary cover on a frame, covering containers, keeping machinery clean, and protecting flooring. There are mesh tarpaulins available, too- ideal for covering openings on trash or paper compactors or containers in transit, and rollover tarps, depending on your needs. From tarps for flatbed trailers to container tarp covers, there is a versatile PacTec TransCover® Tarpaulin to meet non-hazardous waste containment and disposal needs.

PacTec Tarp Kit

Our Tarp Kit is the perfect solution for modifying your box to fit the tarp you need. This economical package includes the roll tarp, bows, bow holders, ratchets, tarp stops, fixed or roll pipe, crank, and straps.

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  • Applications:
    • Layflat/Throw tarps

    • Auto tarp replacements

    • Rollover tarps

    • Mesh packer/Compactor tarps

  • Features:
    • Strong, lightweight fabrics

    • Ratchet binders available

    • Heavy duty brass spur grommets or d-rings

    • Webbing reinforced perimeter hems

  • Advantages:
    • Prompt manufacturing time

    • Durable and lightweight

    • Enhances container life

  • Accessories Available:
    • Rise bows

    • Tarp handles

    • Tarp straps

    • Tarp stops

    • Ratchet binders

    • Bungees

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Product Highlights and Benefits

  • Meet federal and state environmental requirements for the containment of waste, debris, dust, and other materials during storage and transport.
  • PacTec offers customized tarps to meet special needs.
  • Create a tight seal with large tarps for trucks, dump trucks, industrial containers, and railcars.
  • Tarp covers are pre-engineered for durability to meet the needs of various industries, including construction, trucking, industrial plants and refineries, rental companies, environmental field services, agriculture, railroads, and oil & gas service companies, to name a few.
  • Heavy-duty brass spur grommets or d-rings enable secure installation and prevent damage to the tarpaulin during a weather event or when in transit.
  • Tarp covers are made from durable PVC-coated polyesters that resist grease, acid, and oil while protecting job assets against environmental damage from UV rays, mildew, rain, snow, and wind.
  • Rollover tarps for trailers, trucks, and containers are simple and effective tarp systems that enable one person to roll on and roll off the tarp, eliminating the need to climb on and off trailers and trucks, improving safety, and saving time.


What sizes of tarpaulins do you offer?

PacTec stocks several common truck and container tarp sizes ranging from small 5’x7’ to 12’x26’. We offer them in auto tarp or layflat options.

Will your tarps work with my auto tarp system?

Yes, PacTec offers tarps designed to work seamlessly with many auto tarp systems for your convenience.

What are the typical applications for your tarps?

PacTec tarps are used in a wide variety of applications, including truck beds, intermodals, dump trucks, compactors, and many more. If you need guidance on selecting the best option for your application, we’ve compiled a quick guide here.

What materials are they constructed from?

PacTec offers both vinyl and mesh tarp options at this time based on their popularity in the industry

Do you offer custom sizes and/or materials?

Having been in business for 33 years, we’ve determined the features that have been most requested and have focused our efforts there. Our team can also help you determine if our offerings will meet your needs. If we cannot, we will be honest and suggest other providers if appropriate. We do not currently offer custom sizes.

Do you offer tarp kits to outfit my boxes for tarps?

To get the most use from your tarps, we offer a full line of accessories and tarp kits to outfit your boxes. To request a no obligation quote on your tarps or accessories, click here.

Do you offer tarp accessories?

Yes, PacTec offers tarp accessories, including rise bows, tarp handles, tarp straps and stops, ratchet binders, bungees, and more.

How do I determine the best tarp for my needs?

We’ve compiled a quick guide on choosing the best tarp to buy, or you can reach out to our team anytime to discuss in person.

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