BermPac® Collapsible Spill Tray

Collapsible Spill Tray

Our chemical spill containment trays are collapsible, compact and portable—small enough to fit behind the seat of your vehicle when rolled and strapped. Our collapsible spill trays set up in seconds, are available in multiple sizes and are made of lightweight and durable chemical resistant materials. PacTec’s Collapsible BermPac® industrial spill trays perform the same duty of catching and holding spilled liquids as a traditional berm, but in a compact form and taking mere seconds to set up.

The compact size of these spill trays makes them an ideal solution for use as lab spill trays, chemical spill trays and use with small equipment.

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  • Applications:
    • Spill Kits

    • Service Trucks

    • Fuel Tanker Trucks

    • Fleet Rental Companies

  • Features:
    • Made from quality 18 oz. vinyl

    • Available in 2’x2’ or 3’x3’

    • 15+ gallon spill capacity

    • Company logo can be added

  • Advantages:
    • Sets up in seconds

    • Compact and portable

    • Durable and lightweight

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What size are collapsible spill trays?

PacTec’s innovative, collapsible spill tray comes in 2 convenient sizes for your spill containment needs – 2’x2’ and 3’x3’.

How high are the sides?

The sidewalls are 6” on PacTec’s collapsible spill berm, making it ideal for getting under tight spaces to prevent leaks, drips and spills.

What is the containment capacity of a collapsible spill tray?

This robust little spill berm can contain up to a 15-gallon capacity without fail. And we’ve put it to the test many times to ensure it performs well every time.

How does a collapsible spill tray work?

The spill tray sets up in seconds by unstrapping the hook & loop fastener, unrolling the unit and pressing the walls into shape. Plus, it conveniently rolls up when not in use. Check out a video of it here.

Where should we store a spill tray between uses?

The best part about PacTec’s collapsible spill tray is that it rolls up for easy, convenient storage when not in active use. Users report storing their spill trays under the seats of the service trucks, in their toolboxes, in the back of the truck and in their spill kits. It will fit in a lot of spaces when being used and when waiting to be used.

How many components make up this spill tray?

PacTec’s collapsible berm is a single piece of equipment. The sidewalls are supported by the welded corner seams and support rods atop the sidewalls. No need for any brackets with this ready-to-deploy spill prevention solution.

What material is used for this? Can it withstand chemicals?

We manufacture our collapsible berm from robust, scrim-reinforced 18 oz. vinyl. It has an extensive chemical compatibility list, including gas, oil, and many other common chemicals – but there are certain acids and other chemicals that will damage the unit. If you have particular concerns, please reach out to our sales team so that we can discuss the compatibility chart and/or other berm options for your needs.

What are some applications for a collapsible spill berm?

Options are seemingly limitless for small leaks and spills when using this collapsible berm. We’ve seen it used for temporary battery storage, as an oil change pan under equipment, paint and chemical storage, fuel can leak prevention, and so on.

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