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INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHT: Hydraulic Fracturing

On-Site Portable Spill Berms
Bracketed or pop-up sidewalls, the choice is yours. Our complete line of . . .

Railcar Liners for Drill Cuttings
RailPac ensures the safest transportation of waste materials with a form-fit . . .
Roll-Off Container Liners
PacTec’s polyethylene liner is a form-fitted roll-off container liner designed to . . .

There's no limit to what we can create together.

At PacTec™, we view innovation as a priority. As the leader in custom engineered packaging solutions for the transportation and waste industries, we monitor changes and developments in industry products, seek constant client input and feedback, and solve challenges with some of the industry’s top engineers. This combination allows us to constantly improve our products or develop new ones that better fit the needs of today’s customer.

We manufacture packaging.
We engineer solutions.

PacTec is the industry leader in design and manufacturing of packaging for the transport and waste industries.

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