Dewatering Equipment & Containers

Avoid project delays and unsafe work environments by using dewatering equipment proven to minimize waste and lower disposal costs.

PacTec takes waste minimization seriously. With our innovative dewatering filter systems and geomembrane dewatering tubes and bags, PacTec offers several solutions to separate the solid and liquid components from your waste stream. Isolating the solids makes your waste easier and more cost-effective for disposal.

If you are dealing with dewatering municipal, tank, paint or industrial sludges, drilling mud or frac sands- you have come to the right place. PacTec has a dewatering solution for you.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Get the Job Done Quickly

Geotextile tubes and filters are easy to deploy. They are highly efficient and cost-effective water containment structures. Operationally, they are versatile enough for construction sites, power plants, dredging areas, and more.

PacTec manufactures many sizes of geotextile tubes and filters from permeable, high-strength fabrics designed to contain solids and allow liquids to escape. They work with any hydraulically transported waste stream and utilize pressure to dewater at a faster rate of speed than alternative methods.

Dewatering Products for Any Sized Project

PacTec has been manufacturing filtration solutions for nearly three decades and has become experts in geotextile dewatering. Our team can assist you in planning, executing, or budgeting for your next dewatering project.

When choosing a dewatering container for your location, factors we urge customers to take into consideration include the following:

  • Pump flow rate
  • Quantity and type of sediment
  • Volume of materials needing containment
  • Footprint of the overall job site

Depending on your particular situation, geotextile dewatering bags and filters can be customized to fit your exact space. We stock several dewatering bags and filters that will fit your dewatering container, modified roll-off container, sludge box, and more. If we don’t have what you need, we can custom-manufacture a dewatering container to your exact specifications.

PacTec's Dewatering Products