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PacTec’s DripPac is the optimal way to prevent equipment fluid leaks from ruining finished floors or leaching into the soil on environmentally sensitive jobsites. The DripPac is designed with a highly absorbent pad to collect oil, hydraulic fluid and other lubricants that may leak or drip. Engineered to fit a variety of equipment, the DripPac fits under the machine and is secured with its attached bungee cords. They are constructed of durable, mildew- and tear-resistant vinyl with a white absorbent pad, making identification of fluid leaks easier.

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  • Preventing leaks from Forklifts, Aerial-, Scissor- and Boom Lifts working on:
  • Indoor construction sites
  • Stadiums or athletic fields
  • Environmentally sensitive sites
  • New pavement or parking lots
  • Made with a white, highly absorbent pad for easy leak identification
  • Vinyl is durable, mildew- and tear-resistant
  • Easily attach to equipment with attached bungee cords
  • More durable than ordinary plastic tarps
  • Large absorbent surface area
  • Many sizes are available
  • Can be cut on site for a custom fit

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