PacTec, Inc. has designed and manufactured an innovative system to effectively protect valuable assets from corrosion. We do this through patented technology that accomplishes two things:

  • Full encapsulation of assets in a gas-tight, reusable enclosure to seal out damaging environmental factors; and
  • Adjusting the sealed-in environment surrounding the asset to remove factors that cause corrosion – namely oxygen, moisture and particulates.

This allows assets to remain in a pristine environment pending use – ensuring that when removed, the asset is in the same condition as when it was initially stored. So not only is readiness of the asset intact, but shelf life is extended, regardless of the climate, location, or length of time stored.


PacTec, Inc. is a total solutions provider, bringing the SecurePac and treatment system directly to you for on-site application. Our dependable, professional service teams will handle it all; encapsulating your items and treating the environment within the packaging.

This creates a climate devoid of factors that cause corrosion. Once treated, rust, mold or mildew become non-factors, keeping the enclosed items protected. SecurePacs are rented at an affordable daily rate, with discounts available for long-term use.

All SecurePacs are custom-made and built to last. Whether exchangers, valves or electronics located in damaging climates in need of protection from corrosive factors – the SecurePac provides industrial facilities assurance that their equipment is ready and in full working condition when called upon for use.

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  • Applications:
    • Staged equipment protection

    • Industrial facility turnaround storage

    • High humidity outdoor locations

    • Safe containment of flammable materials

    • Exchangers, Catalyst and Rotating Equipment

  • Features:
    • Patented protection technology

    • Asset protection from corrosion and particulate damage

    • 2-part system – package and internal treatment

    • Custom sized packaging

    • Complete solution: set-up and service

  • Advantages:
    • Easy and affordable asset protection

    • Packaging is durable and reusable

    • Internal package environment can be retreated

    • Easily deployed and fully mobile